8 Inch Chrome Rainfall High-Pressure Shower Head Review

After a long day’s work and every morning after waking up do we feel the need to freshen up to either prepare for the day or just sit at home and relax?

What better way would this be well accomplished if not by taking a cold or hot shower, depends on our priorities. A shower is just the perfect way to wash all the dirt away, and it leaves us feeling fresh, relaxed and energetic.

Many of our homes we have showers that require shower heads to drizzle the water on our bodies as we want. The feeling of gushing water with some force is something that many of us want to feel every time we get to the shower.

This feeling for many of us is not experienced as we would wish because the shower heads we use are letting us down. The 8-inch chrome rainfall high-pressure shower head is the answer to this need and the solution many of us have been seeking.

Microhole Technology

Fitted with the modern microhole technology and eighty-eight precision high-pressure jets this shower head is not about to let you down.

With the superior 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), this gadget will make you feel the pressure of the water on your skin and provide the relaxing sensation and cleanliness assurance as well.

It has an adjustable ball joint that helps the user fit it with ease, and this also helps ensure no leakage of water at the joints.

Easy To Install

The 8-inch chrome head is made from lead-free alloy with brass on the interior and an adjustable ball joint at one end which ensures that it perfectly fits the shower pipe and with ease as well.

 This feature also helps ensure that once it has been fitted it does not leak, and water flow is consistent. The adjustable ball joint fits it to an angle that ensures the widest shower coverage of the water.

Long Lasting

The brass interior of the Chrome shower head is coated with calcium resistant exterior which ensures that the gadget is neither affected by water nor does it rust. Silicon clogs free nozzles are a feature that also ensure the coated paint does not come off with the force of the drizzling water.

Chrome Rainfall Shower Head


The lead-free alloy of the gadget with brass on the interior and calcium resistant exterior gives it not only a long lasting feature but also a great attractive look to reckon with.

The silicon Clog free nozzles are in a way that they give a rainfall designed shower, and the water flow is just but smoothes as the shower head does not get clogged.

Simple And Strong

The chrome shower head once fitted is robust and ensures that water reaches every part of the body and with the right pressure for a refreshing shower.

This is made possible by the many silicon Clog free nozzles that increase the water pressure to keep it flowing steadily even when the water in the pipe is flowing at a low pressure.

For those who like their shower warm, this feature also helps ensure the water temperature is at a controlled level such that it doesn’t heat too much or get cold fast.

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  • The adjustable ball joint ensures that the shower head fits firmly and avoids leakage of water
  • The shower head can be fitted at an angle that ensures the drizzling water can reach the whole bathroom area
  • Desired water pressure is achieved by the shower head a feature made possible by the many silicon Clog free nozzles
  • Resistance to rust and an assurance to last long is made possible by the calcium resistant exterior and the lead-free alloy it is made of
  • Talk of ease during installation this is just the shower head for you due to the presence of the adjustable ball joint


  • The water pressure may be too much for young kids thus preferable for adults
  • Once the water starts running it can only be closed manually the shower head does not have an automatic system to close running water

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does one regulate the water pressure?

A: The silicon Clog, free nozzles of the shower head, are designed to control the water pressure such that they ensure the drizzling water is at the right pressure for a great shower experience

Q: How does one fit the shower head to an angle that water can drizzle on the whole body?

A: The shower head has an adjustable ball joint that allows you to fit the shower head to any angle of your preference that suits your needs

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Final Verdict

This Shower Head is fully functional and is a one-way ticket to experiencing those great showers that one has been craving for.

It is strong, durable, easy to fit, attractive and easily adjustable to personal preferences all to ensure that you will have a great time taking a shower and always looking for a chance to get another. This shower head is a great experience to help wash away the dirt and relax your body while enjoying it all.

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