Ansvip 10-inch High-Pressure Rain Shower Head Review

The attractiveness of the bathroom depends on the showering system installed since it is the most important part of the bathroom.

The Ansvip high-pressure rain shower head is a cool shower head with enough pressure to spray the water at an angle. Despite its lack of a proper arm to support it for proper down spray, it has enough pressure that sprays water at an angle.

The shower head has evenly spaced nozzles through which a uniform spray of water comes. The design, construction, and finish of this shower head are nice and shiny with an average weight.

The ball joint allows easy adjustment of the position and angle of spray for better and comfortable showering.

This is a good rain shower head which changes the look of your bathroom, and its wide stream flow of water feels good during showering. Furthermore, the product has a lifetime warranty.

Durable, Thin & Sleek Design

Stainless steel is one of the strongest known materials in the construction of shower heads. Ansvip shower heads are manufactured from these stainless steel materials which make the very strong and durable.

The aparts are polished shiny well in their finish to maintain their resistance to both rust and corrosion. This improves their durability, and they can last longer than other normal shower heads made from plastic materials.

Universal Connections & Easy To Install

The shower head can be connected to most shower arms since it has standard connections. These standard connections make it compatible with most shower outputs increasing the efficiency in its installation.

The Ansvip shower heads have rotatable standard connections which fit most standard shower arms; this makes it easy to adjust the angle of spray. They come with Teflon tape, and no tool is required for installing these shower heads.

Easy To Clean

Ansvip shower heads have a polished chrome finish which looks like mirrors, and they have rubber nozzles which are easy to clean. They are made of stainless steel with rub clean jets for easy cleaning of the system.

Also, the swivel ball which allows easy adjustment of the shower head angle eases the cleaning process further.

Ansvip 10-inch Rain Shower Head

Large Shower Head

This shower head has a wonderful diameter that gives wide spray coverage for a better showering. The water nozzles are very small that give out an excellent rain pattern. Its large diameter ensures the entire body coverage with great shower pressure.

The shower head has swivel balls has you to adjust the angle of the shower head for comfortable showering. Also, it has a standard connection which fits most shower outputs.

Relaxing Shower Head

This shower head has a perfect water flow down the body when showering and this eliminates the problems of direct face water splashing. The feeling of such kind of rain shower heads is great, and the shower system causes body relaxation.

Also, the inclusion of the swivel ball which allows easy adjustment of the angle of the shower head makes it more comfortable to shower using this shower head.

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  • It has a large shower head diameter.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • Its installation is very easy.
  • Cleaning the spray face is very easy.
  • It has limited lifetime warranty.


  • There is an omission of the firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with a flow restrictor connected to the showerhead?

A: No, it is just a rain showerhead with a connector.

Q: Can the shower head twirl in all directions?

A: Yes, it swivels in all directions.

Q: Which is the extension that can be used with the system?

A: The system fits well on the universal shower arm.

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Final Verdict

Ansvipshower heads produce a proper flow rate even under low water pressure supply. The use of stainless steel in its construction offers a durable and long-lasting shower heads.

The system can be installed easily in any standard bathroom, and its combination with other bathroom accessories requires little effort.

It can be cleaned easily hence reducing its maintenance cost. This rainfall shower head produces rain like shower which feels good when showering.

The good feeling is also contributed to by the wide stream perimeter which covers the whole body while showering. Furthermore, it is free from corrosion, and the shiny finish looks beautiful.

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