Best LED Shower Head - Guide and Review

Sometimes bathing should be given a much better touch than just water flowing on you. Sometimes you have to decorate your moment of cleaning.

There is nothing that can decorate my bathroom like a good LED showerhead. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they offer various colors that combine with good showerhead performance to provide a refreshing showering experience.

Unlike the common showerhead types, the LED showerheads provide a unique way to take a shower. Many people prefer these types simply because they create a clean and vibrant image in the bathroom.

Sometimes you just have to decorate your bathroom in a special way without worrying about costs.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best LED Shower Head

Just like any other product, choosing the best LED showerhead can get to a situation where it's tricky, and you can't trust your choosing ability anymore. That's where experts like me come in.

Number of Colors

Different LED showerheads offer different colors, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. Consider the number of colors you want before you buy your LED showerhead. Some come with as little as three colors while others contain as much as 24 colors and even more.

Also, see if the one you chose has the combination of colors you prefer. It has the color combination of your dream, then you can.


Don't get lost concentrating on LED to the extent of forgetting to look for a good showerhead. The showerhead must provide good coverage. It if can cover you with showers from shoulder to shoulder then it is the right one for you.

No matter what design it might have, the showerhead should be able to cover you conveniently so that it drenches you in a rainfall of refreshment. I don't like taking an eternity in the bathroom because my showerhead has minimal coverage.


Nothing can be compared to a breathtaking bath taken under a high-quality showerhead. In this case, quality is a big feature that should reflect on everything including the LED, water flow, showerhead design, and materials used.

Quality must reflect on every single part or component of the showerhead you choose. A high-quality LED showerhead can be a great addition to any bathroom or household that owns it. Bathing can never be the same again if you install it in your bathroom.

Overall Cost

From the price to subsequent costs, every little stress you go through for owning a LED showerhead is vital for the selection process. Some products are always overpriced, others underpriced. It better you go for a product that doesn't cost you more for nothing.

If it costs more because it is better, then that is not wrong at all. Some of these showerheads don't even need batteries for the LED. They are powered by the free flowing water, and that's it.

Best LED Shower Head

Recommended Best LED Shower Head

This review contains the best LED showerheads, but one of them is better than the all. This DreamSpa remains a dream spa to many users.

1. DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head

DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head

Who wouldn't like to enjoy the refreshment that the world's most advanced LED showerhead presents?

This is one great piece of innovation that has truly revolutionized the way we take a shower.

No Batteries Needed

The amazing LED lights are powered by the running water. It doesn't need any batteries to function the way it does. This is very innovative and adds to the overall thrilling qualities.

5 Setting

The showerhead is working perfectly with its five settings that include pulsating massage, power rain, economy rain, hydro-mist, and water-serving pause. These settings allow you to choose the mode that suits your demands.

Water Temperature Sensor

The Colors of the LED lights are engineered to change automatically with the changing water temperatures. It features a three-color-changing water temperatures sensor that works perfectly to cause the magic.

Tool-free Installation

The amazing showerhead not only brings the magic into your bathroom but also provides a simple installation that any user will appreciate to the latter. The installation is tools-free and therefore stress-free.

2. DreamSpaAquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall-LED-Shower-Head

DreamSpaAquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall-LED-Shower-Head

This is a pretty cool LED showerhead that presents users with thrilling features and epic moments in the bathroom.

This is one of my favorite LED showerheads, and for a good reason.

Modern Stylish Design

The showerhead is designed to suit the modern bathroom designs. It looks great especially when the LED is changing color, and you are below the showerhead taking a bath in style.

Smart Function

This is the era when we can finally use a smart LED showerhead. Most of its performance and functionality are smartly controlled so that you don't have to do much.

Premium All-chrome Finish

This is one of the reasons why this showerhead would pass for a great innovation. It looks sleek and shiny, thanks to the premium all-chrome finish. It adds beauty and attraction to it in great measures.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Coverage

This showerhead is a 12-inch curved fun design for a perfect shoulder to shoulder coverage. The water flows on you to ensure you all covered and drenched in a rainfall of awesomeness.

3. PowerSpa® All Chrome 4-Setting LED Shower Head

PowerSpa® All Chrome 4-Setting LED Shower Head

Another great LED showerhead that perfectly fits in this era of greatness is the PowerSpa® All Chrome 4-Setting.

It transforms a simple bathing moment into a moment of fun and total enjoyment in the bathroom.

7 Colors Change Automatically

This is the world's only color changing LED shower head with chrome face. It features seven amazing colors that change automatically and rhythmically every few seconds to create an amazing scene while grabbing a bath.

Connects in Minutes

You don't even need tools to put this showerhead up. Putting it up is as simple as connecting some parts that are clearly meant to join to each other. Within a matter of minutes, you'll be done with installing it.

Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED

This is one of the features that adds advancement to the innovative showerhead. This is one of the reasons for my liking of the showerhead. It sheds amazing colors that appear in the water and engulfs the bathroom.

Air Jet Design

This design maximizes water pressure output performance. It injects oxygen into the water flow through its 48 elastic rub-clean nozzles, which also help prevent clogging.

4. Luminex by PowerSpa® 7-Color 4-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head

Luminex by PowerSpa® 7-Color 4-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head

This is an advanced LED showerhead that I can trust to the extent of recommending to anyone.

It is designed with a lot of thoughtfulness to create a colorful bathing experience so that you can bring awesomeness into your bathroom.

Colors Change Automatically

It features seven beautiful colors that change automatically in every few seconds. The changing of colors is rhythmic to create a redefining showering experience. It is a beautiful way to bathe in style.

Long Life

Expect to enjoy the beauty of LED lights in your bathroom for over ten years of heavy daily use. LED is known to have a long life of about 100,000 hours. To me, that's more than enough.

4 Settings

The showerhead comes with four refreshing settings that will transform your bathing into a much better experience in the bathroom. You can choose from rain, massage, rain/massage mix, and water-saving economy.

Boosted Water Pressure

The showerhead includes a supercharged air turbine design that gently boosts the water pressure performance. It automatically injects oxygen into the water flow through elastic nozzles that help prevent clogging.

5. ELENKER 7 colors 8" Rainfall Round Bathroom Shower Head

ELENKER 7 colors 8 Rainfall Round Bathroom Shower Head

This is the best way to add beauty to your bathroom when you want to shower in an array of excellent colors.

The beauty of getting cleaned up in the attractiveness of changing LED lights can never be rivaled.

High Quality

The showerhead is made with top quality materials. It is designed with a lot of expertise and creativity so that it only delivers the best functionality and performance. The showerhead creates a scene that is so admirable.

Three Amazing Colors

While water is flowing steadily down, the LED shows alternatively and automatically with blue, green, and red to create a beautiful environment for the amazing bathing experience. This is one of the best LED showerheads I've installed in my bathroom.


The lights are so bright you won't even need any other source of light while showering. The brightness is so enough, and this is one quality that contributes to the overall performance of the showerhead.

Need no Battery

The LED showerhead functions without a battery. It saves you the stress of buying a new battery or replacing them whenever they are flat. It saves you a great cost too.

Final Verdict

These LED showerheads are of excellent quality, glowing in your bathroom and giving it a funky look. I'm a fan of cool things, and I must admit that I love LED showerheads a lot. They decorate both my bathroom and bathing moments.

They make me cherish every moment I spend in the bathroom. I have owned all these five LED showerheads, and I must say that they are truly the greatest models I've ever seen. There are other good models too but not as good as these.

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