Dream Spa® Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head Review

These shower heads are designed to mimic and give the experience of showering in the rain. They are made in a way that they distribute multiple settings from drenching rain storm to a water saving trickle.

The shower head consists of a thin square or round disk-shaped head with numerous small holes through which water can flow out in a steady and evenly manner.

The rain shower heads are typically large sized, about 8 to 14 inches wide, which stimulate a constant rainfall flowing into the shower. The shower system can be installed in the ceiling of the shower for a better rainfall experience.

Therefore, with a large rain shower head hanging above, one can exclusively feel good and can sing in the shower and the rain at the same time.

Rainfall washes the body with very gentle droplets falling from above, not vertical. The following is a list of models of rain showerheads on the market that surely suits diverse markets.

Push-Button Flow Control

The feature brings a luxurious shower with unique immersion technology with high pressure that pushes water providing body invigoration. The system run use of a lever can manage shower experience.

The New Rainfall Shower Combo with Push-Button Control Flow Control provides a calming rain rinse or a full-body self-pressured spray which can comfortably be achieved by flipping. The unit has a shiny finish that prevents corrosion, flaking, as well as tarnish.

Included Components

It has a two patented 2-way water diverter with included Angle-adjustable overhead bracket. Should one need a relaxing shower experience over the entire body, provides it. It provides a distribution of spray evenly.

Cleaning these spray jets is quite easy, only involving squeezing them to erase all the hard scales of water. The water flow is even convenient, as the shower is equipped with 90 nozzles, spaced evenly to create a powerful flow that is stimulating in nature.

The feature is adjustable, which is one of its amazing features. The lead extension arm has four self-locking ratchet joints to allow movements with no need to adjust the wing nuts.

Handheld Shower with Push-Button Flow Control

The shower head feature is used as a handheld shower. It has revolutionary push-button flow control for one hand operation. The feature also has rub-clean jets for easy cleaning.

Within the system is a high fashion square design that provides better spray. With the Handheld Shower withPush-Button Flow Control, you enjoy a great power rain shower, aeration massage and thus luxurious waterfall settings that have a push button and hence there is no dial to turn.

Dream Spa® Ultra-Luxury 9 Rainfall Shower Head Review

Extra-Large Rain Shower Head

It has a broad face to provide for full body coverage by the rain spray. The shower head assembly has a swivel bar assembly that allows full rotation of the unit.

The feature has advanced technology that uses soft rubber nozzles for quick wiping away of hard water scales, a feature so essential for those living in areas with hard water.

The spray has a flow rate within the legal limit of 2.5gpm.This rain shower head is exclusively funny! It allows one to add to their shower experience some music for them to listen to as they are they are enjoying the soothing sprays of the rain shower head.

The feature has a microphone, enhanced noise reduction and also with it is a feature for answering calls.

Its ability to provide more power than most showerheads gives you a soothing experience. In this feature, the showerhead is large providing soft water droplets over your entire body.

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  • The rainfall shower head spray provides a drenching experience together with better water flow rate and pressure
  • Most of the rain shower heads have adjustable options that enable you to spray overhead either directly or at an angle
  • Have easy to clean nozzles
  • Most have large shower nozzles to provide more coverage
  • Have limited lifetime warranty


  • It’s hard to target the stream towards your back or other parts of the body.
  • A powerful stream of water falling on your head can result in hair loss, especially when using warm water

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I disconnect my shower head from the flexible horse?

A: All you do is to remove the clip from the base of the holder by softly pulling each end apart and sliding the clip free from its seating.

Q: What is a draw-down?

A: A drawdown is a condition where restrictions are occurring in the showers hot and cold supplies.

Q: What is an air leak in rainfall shower head?

A: An air leak occurs when there happens to be a leak along the supply toward the shower, and thus air is sucked in through it whenever it is in use.

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Final Verdict

With the advanced technology, it is more worthwhile now than ever before to have the rain shower heads to feel a taste of experience and fun that this design comes with.

The shower system is efficient in its performance and easy to install and use, just as its cleaning. It is one the choices you don’t want to miss out.

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