DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head Review

The bathroom as an essential need to every family requires more complacency during the period of which an individual takes to shower.

According to the improving technology in the design of products which give such contentment, DreamSpa provides the best shower-head which produces a shoulder-to-shoulder spray.

The spray which comes out evenly and uniformly according to the adjustments of the shower head is equally beautiful and can relieve tiredness after a long day of work.

With the provision of the adjustable overhead bracket in place, it becomes easy to achieve optimum placement of the shower head by just adjusting it to your desired position.

Moreover, this shower head not only provide a soothing spray but also produce a perfect spray pattern by adjusting the settings of the flexible stainless hose pipe.

Also, with the pressure of water varying at different areas, this shower head is capable of supplying a constant soothing spray which gives the necessary showering comfort.

Ultra-Luxury Shower Head

This shower system has two shower heads: a fixed head which remains stationary on the wall and an adjustable head which can be adjusted to any position allowing repositioning of the shower head.

Also, the handheld shower head in place, the device can be placed on specific body parts as the wish of the user. These two shower heads may be used together or separately to provide the most desired comfort during showering.

3-Zone Click Lever Dial

The 3-zone click level dial has jets which rub clean to prevent any clog in both the hose and the nozzles. This fact makes this system very easy to maintain and in general, reduces the maintenance cost.

Five Super Flexible Stainless Steel Hose

The hand shower head has a five super flexible stainless steel hose which can be adjusted for the desired spray pattern. It uses brass conical nuts which ease the process of installation.

This flexibility in nature simplifies its operation in cases where the user wishes to adjust the spray pattern to the perfect one of his/her choice. Furthermore, the flexibility of the hose makes it reach any desired position, and it is also durable in nature.

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head Review

Built-In Temperature Sensor

The shower head has a built-in temperature sensor which displays the temperature of the bath water on the LCD automatically, and this relieves you of the fear of very high or very low water temperatures for showering.

It has different lighting colors which change depending on the water temperature with red showing the very high temperature of the water.

Adjustable Overhead Bracket

The shower head has an adjustable overhead bracket which allows for repositioning of the system depending on the need of the person operating it. The position of the shower head can, therefore, be changed quickly to enable perfect and comfortable showering while taking a bath.

 The system also allows for a choice of the showering head to use as it gives the option of head selection and that depend on how many or what kind of shower head you want.

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  • It is easy to install
  • This shower head fits onto any standard shower arm.
  • It is easy to maintain since the lever has jets which rub clean to prevent clogs.
  • It comes with a limited warranty.
  • The adjustable overhead bracket allows for optimal placement of the shower head.


  • The plastic construction reduces its durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the main head able to twirl?

A: Yes, it can move up, down and sideways.

Q: For installation, does it require any addition equipment other than those in the package?

A: Not necessary. All the required equipment are included in the package.

Q: Is it possible to use each head separately while both are installed together?

A: Yes, each head can be used in isolation; adjustment for each head or both is given by the dial on the left.

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Final Verdict

The shower head being able to fit onto any standard shower arm, its installation is very easy fixing it in place is very simple.

The system temperature sensor inclusion and its powering by the running water makes it more valuable than other systems.

Furthermore, its maintenance is very easy as the jets prevent clogs and with the lifetime limited warranty, this product is very colorful and suitable for modern life in its uniqueness.

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