Eyekepper Stainless Steel Shower Head Review

Most peoples’ new energetic days begin with an invigorating morning shower. It happens when one washes away the sleepiness of the previous night to embrace an excellent new day.

How does this happen? You will realize that your spirit rises with the flow of water over your skin, and one become very impressive in his feeling and attractiveness.

One gets over the happenings of the previous day and embraces a bright day. These shower heads have it all for your daily life; in partial fulfillment of our primary objective: which is to launch products that help you enjoy your life with immense happiness.

Our products have quality materials and their production undergo strict manufacturing standards to ensure high-cost performance for our clients with a lifetime warranty.

Rain Style

The feature provides an excellent coverage to soak the whole of your body to provide that relaxing and sensational experience.

The shower head adds beauty to your bathroom offering a fancy look in an 8″ rounded rectangle shape, which is polished, unibody as well as ultra-thin. To ensure the long life of the product, the shower is made entirely of stainless steel without any fragile parts made of plastics or other materials.

It is amazing to learn that cleaning this shower head is extremely easy; just squeeze the rubber nipples to remove the lime deposits.

Waterfall Effect

The shower head features specialized styles providing a spa-like shower experiences. To be precise, the waterfall shower has been a darling to many consumers using these products as these shower heads make their users feel like they are under a particular natural waterfall.

The idea is all about making a shower experience a serene and relaxing sensation a possibility. However, some shower heads of this type may offer more than one setting, that includes waterfall setting while the rest are single setting, both of which types are all about a waterfall experience.

Elegant Design

It is made of durable, stainless steel that does not get easily broken after many uses. The shower head features a beautiful high polish chrome finish that provides a modern appeal to the very product.

One can easily clean the shower head by simply squeezing the rubber nipples to remove the slime accumulated over a given while.

Eyekepper Stainless Steel Shower Head Review

Hose Stainless Steel Shower Head

The majority of the shower nozzles used today have a short hose. The longer reach is helpful for those people who cannot stand for reasons of injury or weaknesses.

These showers also come in handy when one is trying to clean the shower heads and reach all the other corners hence effective cleaning. The shower head fitting is all metal and solid, and the hose is flexible i.e. it doesn’t kink or twist and easy to operate.

Other Features

One crucial feature of this shower is the ease of cleaning. With time you will find that the shower gets clogged, and you have to do some thorough cleaning to ensure the water jet and pressure is maintained.

This shower head has rubber nipples which are squeezed to remove the lime or sediments thus rendering it very easy to unclog.

Another feature worth mentioning is that this shower head can be installed without necessarily using any tool, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Attractive design
  • Highly durable
  • Long hose


  • Arm is not included in the design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this come with the arm?

A: No. The arm is sold separately.

Q: What else does this shower head come with?

A: The 11″ extension arm goes with it so it can point directly downwards.

Q: What is the GPM rating on these and do I need to buy the extended arm, if yes, which one?

A: Measured GPM is 2.5 and does not have a flow restrictor that can be removed.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, this shower head has proved to be among the best in the market, and if you are planning on taking your showering experience to the next height, then you know what to do.

 I would not convince you to get this shower head to do this for you but you know if you purchase it, it will offer this exciting experience.

I highly recommend this shower head because of its stainless steel body material for your incredible experience and to add to your life experience. The product will contribute exclusively to your happiness should you consider it a better option for your all time shower.

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