HotelSpa® Extra-Large 7-Inch Rain Shower Head Review

Are you looking forward to that awesome moment in the bathroom that leaves you fresh and relaxed? Then you need to make the best choice of shower heads.

Some of the models of shower heads available for purchase are so disappointing. I know everybody wants that moment where you are only singing in the shower because of the massaging effect derived from the shower.

For you to enjoy all these, you need a fantastic and well-built shower head like the HotelSpa® Extra-Large 7-Inch Rain Shower Head.

With this shower head at home, you might think that you are taking your shower in some expensive bathroom in a big hotel.

This shower head provides you with an ultimate feeling giving you the opportunity to choose between different modes of setting to suit your current mood.

If you are interested in buying such a shower head in your house, read this review and find out some of the best things that make this shower head the best choice in the market today.

7 Full Setting Rainfall Shower Head

Taking a moment in the shower is the only way that can help you set a good mode for the day or make you feel fresh after a long day at work. This shower head provides you with seven different rainfall settings depending on your mood. You can choose between power rain, pulsating massage, rain mist, hydro-mist, rain massage and water saving eco rain.

Tool Free Installation

Some shower heads are a headache to install. You might end up spending the whole day installing a shower head without any success. Good enough, you will not have any trouble when you are installing this shower head because no tools are required. This makes the installation process relatively fast and simple.

Easy Maintenance

One of the greatest problems that is common is most shower heads is clogging. This can be so annoying especially if you spent a lot of money acquiring the shower head. To make your maintenance work pretty easy, this shower head is designed with anti-clogging rub jet that ensures no clogging occur.

HotelSpa® Extra-Large 7-Inch Rain Shower Head Review

Extra-Large Chrome Finish

You can enjoy a convenient flow of water when you are taking a shower. Again, the shower head offers you with angle adjustable ball point making it easy to set the shower head according to your preferred angle.


Most of the shower heads I have used end up wasting a lot of water. You know what this translates to, huge water bills. With an economical shower head like this model, you can be sure that no water is wasted. This is because of the save water with economical rain and pause modes.

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  • The shower head is easy to install
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Designed with anti-clogging rub-clean jets
  • It provides seven full settings


  • Some customers complain of the cheap quality construction
  • It retains water which drips once you have turned it off

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hello, does this shower head come with a warranty from the manufacturer?

A: I bought this shower head, and mine says it has a lifetime limited warranty. I do not know what is covered under the warranty.

Q: Does this shower head provide a pulsating massage function?

A: I have not experienced that with my showerhead. It pours a straight stream of heavy water that makes me feel good on my back. It is a great showerhead.

Q: Has anyone used this shower head?

A: I bought this shower head after mine failed functioning. This one has a water restrictor, and it is also easy to remove with the help of a screwdriver.

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Final Verdict

Not all the shower heads available on the market will impress you. Once you have had an experience with the HotelSpa® Extra-Large 7-Inch Rain Shower Head, you cannot turn back.

The shower head is easy to install, and it also comes with so many enjoyable features that make your moment in the shower exciting.

Get this shower head today and make your bathroom the place in your home. Again, it doesn’t cost you a lot of money to buy this shower head. It comes at very pocket-friendly prices.

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