Koko Brand Rain16 16-inch Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head Review

A nice bath after the long daily hustles of life or even in the morning while preparing to leave your house for any function or job is something that every person wishes to get on daily basis.

Sometimes the shower heads available produce stained water that is unevenly distributed. Koko Brand Rain16 16-inch Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head is the ultimate solution to all your shower problems.

The shower head is so polished to give outstanding beauty due to its look mirror design. Similarly, its stainless steel casing ensures that there are no incidences of corrosion that might produce some odour, stains or even unwanted coloration of water. There are several reasons why I would recommend you to use this shower head.

Easy To Install

Installation of this shower head takes very little time and resources. By screwing the shower head on the available shower arm, the system would be ready for use.

All you have to do is ensure that the shower head is consecutively turned until it is firmly secured to avoid any leakages or falling off the shower head while being used.

Massaging Head

 The shower head produced evenly distributed water particles in large quantities that will make you feel a massaging effect whenever taking a bath.

Water comes out of the shower head in enough quantities that can accommodate two people showering together. This ensures that you have fun with your loved ones whenever taking a bath.

Adjustable Head

The shower head is made adjustable at different angles to suit your needs. It features a swivel adapter allowing for placing the shower head at different angles during use. It favours people not fond of having a direct overhead shower and would prefer water coming from sideways to have effective body cleaning.

Additionally, angular flow allows for excluding body parts you are not willing to have water come into contact with like the hair.

Koko Brand Rain16 Rain Shower Head

Vertical Cleansing

For those people who would like to save water while showering, Koko Brand Rain16 16-inch Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head remains to be your best remedy.

The vertical cleansing system that it has ensures water economization since water flows directly from the upper body parts onto the lower body parts.

In the process, little amounts of water help with the cleaning of the whole body while the already used water is immediately discarded through the drainage system.

Easy To Clean

Any form of clogging can be easily cleaned with the Clear rubber nozzles. Just in case the nozzles have been damaged and cannot be easily cleaned or even distribute water evenly, five additional replacement nozzles come in handy in the package.

No need to worry about having to clean the nozzles frequently because they are self-cleaning on their own, all you have to do is increase the amount of water flowing so as to have the pressure remove any residues.

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  • Stainless steel casing ensures that it is durable, and a does not attract any form of dirt.
  • Water can be directed in any suitable direction with the help of the adjustable head.
  • Installation of the showerhead is among the simplest and easy.
  • Easy to clean just in case it is clogged.
  • Vertical cleaning ensures economization of water while bathing.


  • It tends to drip a little after turning off the shower.
  • Large amounts of water are drawn when in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whenever the showerhead is connected to normal water heaters the water does not get warm enough, but everything seems to be working fine. May you explain why?

A: Since the machine draws large amounts of water when working in its full capacity, the average water heater may not be capable of adjusting the flow rate so as to heat the water adequately. I would recommend you to look for a water heating mechanism that can accommodate large amounts of water to have equitable distribution of heat.

Q: How can I reduce the amounts of water passing through the water head since I tend to get higher water bills that I used to get before I started using it?

A: Avoiding this problem is simple but would affect the comfort provided by the shower head. One can decide to lower the pressure from the pipes bringing in the water or you can even adjust the valve letting in water into the shower head.

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Final Verdict

An excellent massaging bath is what most of us need to help relieve our bodies from stress and to ease our minds.

This product has an ultra-thin rain shower head that can easily transform your bathroom into the place to be once in need of comfort.

Its sleek modern design together with solid stainless steel casing makes it outstanding among the common traditional brass rain shower heads.

This information alone can never be enough to explain the experience this showerhead brings to you in your bathroom; it would best if you order yours now and have a firsthand experience of your lifetime.

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