Rainfall High-Pressure Shower Head Review

Taking a bath is something that should be enjoyed, or else it would be difficult for some people to set foot in a bathroom. Unlike some people, I’m proud to call myself a bathing enthusiast, but only with a good showerhead in the bathroom.

I trust there are only a handful of things in the world that can be compared to a refreshing bath taken under a showerhead of exquisite quality. I’m talking about a showerhead like Rainfall High-Pressure Shower Head and the likes.

Now you know why I bathe a lot. I can call it a product of good quality judging by the way it has served me. It is wide enough for a modern shower head and covers an area wide enough to cover you broadly.

6-Inch Rainfall Showerhead

This is the way to enjoy your showers. The six-inch rainfall showerhead delivers consistent and powerful water spray that ensures every part of your body is well rinsed.

Its water spraying ability beats that of many other great showerheads out there, with water coming out with just the right pressure and covering the entire body.

I have been using this showerhead for quite sometimes now, and I can assure you that it provides an enjoyable showering experience.

Easy To Install

It is great to have a showerhead that you can install with so much ease. Most homeowners try to avoid the technicality involved in installations, and they’d prefer to buy a product that is easy to install.

This showerhead is good news to such homeowners. It comes with Teflon tape included, and you don’t need any tools to put it up. It fits the standard US plumbing connection and can be installed by just twisting it on.

Maximum Water Pressure

The showerhead has 2.5 GPM flow restrictor, which can be easily removed to enjoy optimal water pressure. This product never disappoints in any way, giving you the exact showering experience you need.

The pressure is refreshing and works well to eliminate the fatigue. With that kind of pressure, you can be sure that you won’t have to take too long in the shower. It will rinse you fast and efficiently, cleaning every part of your body.

Rainfall High-Pressure Shower Head Review

High-Quality Showerhead

This isn’t your ordinary showerhead. It is made from high-quality materials plus the overall ingenious design that it boasts of. The showerhead has rubber jets that are easy to clean, premium chrome finish, and brass adjustable ball joint.

All these features and characteristics combine to provide a showerhead with superior quality and performance. It is easy to own, and you won’t be stressed by it like many other showerheads do.

Stylish Look

You need a stylish showerhead to add beauty to your elegant bathroom. The showerhead looks attractive, and it would be a great addition to any modern bathroom.

Its chrome look and finish look attractive, and will impress you if you like stylish things. The look matches the performance so that you will have not only a classy showerhead in your bathroom, but also a highly performing one.

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  • High pressure
  • Made of top quality material
  • Very easy to put up
  • Consistent high pressure
  • Comforting spays


  • 6 inches is not the widest that there can be

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not the kind of guy who values pressure so much. Tell me, is the pressure too high?

A: Hey dude, the thing has a restrictor on it so that you can regulate pressure.

Q: Do I need tools to put it up? My last showerhead was so difficult to put up. I used to gather tools like a car mechanic whenever I wanted to fix it.

A: No, you don’t need tools on this one.

Q: The water pressure in my apartment is very shitty. Would you still recommend this showerhead?

A: Absolutely. This showerhead works with any pressure, high or low.

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Final Verdict

It will only take you a single look at the showerhead before you can fall in love with everything about it. The product is a true symbol of perfection, created with a modern bathroom in mind. It functions like promised, or better.

For the time that I’ve been using it, I have enjoyed every single moment in the shower. I keep it clean without much problem, and that’s why it is always shining like it’s still new.

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