Thunderhead – TH2.5 – High-Pressure Rain Shower Head Review

Over the previous shower heads, taking bath have not been of comfort as users may opt for. The shower heads that have been available have had problems of adjusting to the required height for people with different heights always get to the bathroom to shower.

Also, certain areas(apartments) receive water at a very low pressure that may not be sufficient enough to give the required shower pressure. This, in turn, leads to increasing the time a person takes in the bathroom to get an adequate shower.

The Thunderhead –TH2.5-Rain Shower Head provides the high pressure required by the user that facilitates efficient showering. It enhances decent and excellent body in showering as well as boosting the pressure of the shower water.

The Thunderhead not only has an incredible shower pressure but also accommodates all proper heights comfortably due to its nature of the operation in either direction.

The Shower Arm Coupling

The Thunderhead has four self-locking ratchet joints which enhance all directional movements with the wing nuts not adjusted. For instance, it allows up, down and sideways movement.

With the up and down adjustment, any height can be efficiently showered by just adjusting the shower head according to the height of the user. The sideways movement will ensure that decent showering is achieved irrespective of the position of the body in the bathroom.

Pressure Chamber

This chamberprovidesa fantastic shower pressure. For small water supply pressures, it boosts it to the required pressure by the user to improve showering. Enumerating further, the chamber produces an evenly dispersed spray from the spray jets.

It has ninety spray jets through which it produces an even, forceful and a stimulating flow of water. With this, in place, you don’t need to worry about the water supply pressure to your shower head since it will boost it to high pressure for showering.

Pliable Nipples

The labor required to clean this shower head is very minimal in the sense that it never clogs up. Any hard water scale that might remain in the ninety jets is cleaned very easily by squeezing the pliable nipples to clear the hard water scales instantly.

This, in turn, ensures efficient flow rate through the jets allowing maximum shower effluent during showering.

Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High-Pressure Rain Shower Head Review

Diameter Head

If you are one of those people who love showering with a large stream of water, then this shower is specifically designed for you. The kind of diameter it has will amaze you. It has a large diameter which gives a broad stream spread.

This has 90 evenly spaced nozzles which produce sprays of water all over to cover the whole body.


The installation will never be a problem with this kind of shower head. You don’t need an expert to do this for you. Those experts will drain your pocket for no good reason when you can do the installation by yourself.

The showerhead is very easy to install. It has a shower arm coupling which fits into the palm of the hand with ease.

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  • It is easy to install
  • It has 90 jets which ensure enough flow of water during bathing
  • Maintaining the showerhead is easy since it does not clog up
  • Due to its ability to boost the shower pressure, it can serve well even in low water pressure
  • Adjusting the showerhead to accommodate different heights of people is easy since it has self-locking joints


  • It is not very robust and durable since it is made of plastic.
  • For apartments with cramped spaces, it is not suitable for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For a good water flow, can the installation of the shower head affect its flow rate?

A: Installation of the showerhead doesn’t influence the flow of water. This showerhead facilitates better flow of water.

Q: How can the showerhead be installed?

A: In its package, it has a shower arm included on which you install the showerhead.

Q: Does the showerhead have a flow restrictor?

A: The showerhead has a flow restrictor which can be uninstalled depending on the user.

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Final Verdict

Even though the showerhead is made of plastic, it is strong and with proper maintenance, it is durable.

The inclusion of the four self-locking ratchet joints which provides movement up, down and even sideways makes the showerhead more convenient for bathing since it proves unaffected by neither the height nor the position of the body. The pliable rubber nipples ease the cleaning of the showerhead ensuring no clog-ups.

The provided installed flow restrictor can be removed easily and quickly unlike in the other models where its removal requires drilling. These qualities make this showerhead the best for use by customers.

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