WantBa 6 inches Rainfall High-Pressure Shower Head Review

If you have not upgraded to the new innovative showerheads, it is the time you try them out. For the time that I’ve lived in this world, I’ve realized that bathing can only be fun if you are using a good showerhead.

Not every showerhead can transform your bathroom moments into a series of refreshing moments. It would be a little difficult to compare some models because they almost share the same qualities and performance.

WantBa 6 inches Rainfall High-Pressure Shower Head is one of the best showerheads in the market today.

I enjoy two gentle baths every day; one in the morning before I go to work and one in the evening before I go to bed. This showerhead has fuelled my bathing appetite.

Six Inch Wide Face

It features a 6-inch wide face with jets distributed all over it to maximize the consistency of the flow and to ensure a broad area of your body is covered by the spray. Its design has proven convenient in the way it distributes water.

Before I tried it out, I thought a six-inch wide showerhead in too small for my big bathroom, but I was wrong. This isn’t an ordinary 6-inch showerhead.

Powerful Water Spray

The showerhead is designed with a lot of mindfulness so that it can deliver only the best performance under any water pressure, low or high. It provides a consistent, powerful water spray performance even when the water pressure is low.

Unlike most showerheads that would disappoint under low pressure, this product will still perform at its best. In fact, you will hardly realize when the water pressure has fallen.

Metal Swivel Ball

The showerhead is extra easy to use and can be adjusted to change the angle. It is fixed with a metal swivel ball that rotates smoothly to allow for the adjustment of the showerhead whenever you want to direct it to you.

Not every showerhead has this amazing feature, though it is often used on round showerheads with little to medium face. It’s just so perfect for my large bathroom since it allows me to bathe freely in it.

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Simple Installation Procedure

The showerhead fits the standard US plumbing connections which make it easy to put up. When I bought mine, I wasn’t sure if I could install it on my own because I hadn’t done any showerhead installation before.

When I read the instructions, it was the easiest thing I had ever seen. So, I decided to try it out, and I was amazed at how simple it was. No plumber is needed at all, take it from me.

Superior Quality

Even before you get the opportunity to use it, you can just tell that it is a product of top quality. Made from some of the finest materials, this showerhead is of the same quality grade used in big hotels.

This should not scare you thinking it might be pricey, though since it doesn’t cost any more than its competitors. In fact, it is even better priced that its competitors yet it is more superior than most of them.

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  • Superior quality materials
  • Evenly distributes water on you
  • It boasts attractive design
  • Powerful performance even water is under low pressure
  • Easy to adjust angle


  • Some people think 6 inch is small

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to buy an extended arm for its installation?

A: No, you won’t. The showerhead comes in full and ready to install.

Q: How long can it take an armature to install it?

A: It depends on, but in my case, it only took me 5 minutes, and I was done.

Q: Can this showerhead raise my water bills?

A: There is no way it can raise your water bills. More people using the shower in your house can.

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Final Verdict

I’m currently using this showerhead in my bathroom, and if I were to choose a new showerhead, I’d choose it over and over again.

Sometimes you just have to experience the amazement to appreciate it, and I can tell you that this product will always provide the best bathing experience to anyone.

I’ve built my trust on it for the time I’ve been using it, and I can say that it would fit in any modern bathroom and blend in it no matter what decoration style I use in the bathroom.

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